Black & Blue (Berry) Jam

Autumn, one of the most bountiful seasons in our calendar, is upon us. Driving home from university yesterday (with a head crammed with data and to do) I found myself getting increasingly excited at the prospect of crunching through the overgrowth gathering berries. I try and get at least one batch in annually and this year I am pleased to say that the Blackberry pickings have been excellent (all that rain and warmth).

Unfortunately I have been otherwise engaged (Uni & school) and have obviously missed the glut as the easy to reach brambles had been picked clean. Not to be denied I donned my Indiana Jones chaps and lassoed my whip and began going off piste. 2 hours later…. I emerge triumphant with booty a plenty. I then pillaged my newly acquired blueberry bush to add an extra dimension. Both low in pectin though.

I used:

  • 1.4 kg blackberries
  • 0.6 kg blueberries
  • 200g white grapes (good source of pectin)
  • 1 Lemon (juice & peel – also good for pectin)
  • 2 kg white sugar (yikes!)

I put all the fruit & lemon in a heavy bottomed pan.


I toyed with the idea of adding water but decided against it as the blackberries were very plump and juicy and I didn’t want to be boiling for days. I brought the fruit to a gentle boil and mashed everything with a potato masher to squeeze out all the juice. I then added the sugar which I think is perhaps a bit too much. i might be tempted to ease it back to about 1.5 kg next time as the fruit was quite ripe.


I let the sugar dissolve slowly then turned up the heat and got it boiling on medium to high for about 30 minutes stirring every 5 mins or so. I did the old plate in freezer test a blob till it wrinkles test then forgot about it and winged it (as usual). A knob of butter to settle the foam was helpful.

In the end I managed to get about 7 jars (454g ea.) out of it and a teenie tiny taster jar as well.

Next on the agenda is some apple and chilli jam. Bon apetit.