Gooseberry Jam

This was a very spur of the moment addition to my Sunday routine. Spur of the moment – not something that you might associate with jam making! I was returning some desert dishes to my neighbour and noticed that she had left a large bag of gooseberries on her front step. I mentioned this to her just in case she had forgotten them to which she replied “do you want them? I was going to make jam but I ran out of time.”

A bag of sharpness

These were picked from her allotment and were just begging to be jammed up. I got my 13 year old involved by helping to top and tail them while I sorted through the strawberries that were thrown in as a last minute addition (some were too bruised).

Prepped and ready

I did not have a recipe to use so I just winged it. I added a cup of water and boiled for about 20 minutes then added about 1.5kg of sugar.

Ready for the sugar

Because of the high levels of pectin already in the fruit I boiled for about 15 minutes after I added the sugar. In hindsight I think that I could have done without the water as the end result is more of a compote than a jam. Not to worry, it tastes yummy on hot buttered toast.

Finished article

Not bad for a last minute addition to my sunday kitchen. I will be taking a jar to my neighbour to say thanks.