Birthday Cake

Here’s a funny one. So it’s your birthday. The day that most people look forward to because they get a bit of pampering or special attention or perhaps just a card or a call from a family member or pal.

Somewhere along the way however the ubiquitous cake and chorus ritual takes an unexpected twist. No longer do we wonder in excited anticipation if there will be an igloo or a hedgehog cake waiting for us on the table. Instead we are asked to supply our own offering for the office staff room so that others may celebrate.


To that end, after a day at Uni, I came home today and baked. Nothing too adventurous or time consuming. After all I need some time to chill. I give you a Victoria Sponge (Nigella) topped and filled with vanilla cream and raspberry jam followed by a ‘healthy’ (not really) banana loaf (2 eggs, 3 bananas, 4oz sugar, 4oz butter, 5oz SR flour).


low fat