About Me

Food is love is a mantra that I have grown up with. Armed with that philosophy and a willingness to experiment I have developed a keen interest in all food that I prepare, sample and serve.

Growing up in Jamaica, where many of the men around me cooked, helped to stimulate my interest in cooking at a young age. I still have the pan that I used to make my first plate of food aged 3yrs – scrambled eggs. I think that being attached to my mother’s side while we trawled the downtown markets of Montego Bay for fresh produce opened my eyes to the pleasant and not so pleasant smells, sights and tastes out there to be played with – oh and the sounds. Man I loved those trips.

Le Cruset circa 1969

If you get a chance to ever try “Stew Peas ‘n Rice”, one of my top five favourite eats from home, please look beyond the name and into the ingredients. It sounds like it should be a plate of mushy pulses but you would be wrong. Slow cook cuts of beef such as shin, cheeks or chuck combined with red kidney beans (peas) and love along with the worlds best dumpling (my opinion) a spinner or ten. Some also combine unusual pork cuts such as trotters or tails for a succulent  fatty addition. Humble yet blow you away tasty. Me on a plate… :0)


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I loved those special times with you in the kitchen at home in Mo Bay and having you as my little helper at the market carrying the basket of oranges and seeing me “negotiate” the price of the various fruits. Your rock buns look amazing. I think I may have that recipe somewhere and remember my Mother making them. Oh happy times

  2. Thanks ma. I do recall the multiple bowl licking sessions and the wonderful birthday cakes you made back in the day. The igloo and train in particular.

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