Mackerel salad

Back on track

Having had a long weekend celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee it’s time to get back on track and resume my regime that will aid my quest for the perfect beach bod. I am not sure that there is enough time for me to achieve the perfect bikini physique – ho hum. I managed 30 laps of the pool yesterday and a further 34 (at speed) today. Sweating in the water is something that I haven’t done for a while. I think I may have frightened some children when I cleared my blow hole on the last lap though.

Tempting though a visit to the local peri-peri outlet was I decided to continue my quest with a healthy plate of smoked mackerel salad.

Health kick salad

This is a regular menu item these days and it is such good eating. Sweet romaine hearts, smoked mackerel, cherry toms, olives, corn and a just hard egg. All drizzled with a new addition to my stock cupboard and one which will be a regular from now on: balsamic glaze. It may not be the best out there but it is divine none the less. Bon apetit.

The daddy



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