Blueberry Scones

I was asked to make these as we had some leftover berries from our weekend’s entertaining. I say entertaining it was more a case of catching up with old friends for a bit of hearty nosh and a few glasses of giggle juice ( ‘few’ glasses = understatement). The berries had been intended for a Pavlova, however when I came to dress it at 10pm I wasn’t ‘feeling’ their love. I am sure they would have worked well with the raspberries and strawberries but then I would not have had these beauties.

I used a simple scone recipe (Prue Leith) and added an egg and more sugar. It was very wet, more than I had intended, but a well dusted surface allowed the dough to be gently manipulated into a rectangle. Rather than over work it by cutting with a circular cutter and then reshaping the scraps I went for a one cut approach and fashioned the triangles that you see before you. They required a bit longer than I had anticipated in the oven (15 mins @ 200 C).

Oven fresh

The kids were out when they came out of the oven, great planning, so the wife and I were able to enjoy them warm with a pot of Earl Grey and a smudge of berry jam. Nom Nom.

MAKES 12 (Generous triangles)

450g SR Flour, 120g butter, 120g caster sugar, 300ml milk, 1 egg and100 – 200g fresh blueberries.

Heat oven to  200 C. Crumb butter and flour (like pastry), stir in sugar then milk and egg followed by berries. Do not over mix. Tip out onto floured surface and shape into slab about 3cm thick then cut into whatever shape you wish. Brush with egg or milk and dust with sugar. Bake for 8-14 mins high in the oven (on a greased baking tray).

Tasty treats


2 thoughts on “Blueberry Scones

  1. Thanks Ian. I may well try the recipe with gluten free or spelt flour and let you know the difference. As for business… hmmm… at the moment this is purely for pleasure.

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